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ARTISANAL Green Coffee Beans Just For You.

Our Coffee

Our Arabica coffee is grown in the highlands of the “Grand Nord Kivu” region in DR Congo’s extreme east. This biodiverse region is situated near the equator, nestled between the Mitumba and the Rwenzori Mountains, on the outskirts of the Albertine Rift Valley, Africa’s most significant geological fault line, where Lake Edward is found.

Our Robusta coffee is produced in the lowlands of the Congo Basin, a region stretching from Nord-Kivu, Ituri, Tshopo, and the Ueles.

Green Coffee

Who doesn’t like to wake up to a wonderful freshly made cup of coffee? Our high-quality green coffee beans from Congo have a unique taste that is unmatchable. Take a look at our coffee beans to add an exotic flavor to your cup.

Exotic Tsonga
Kasereka Coffee

Tsonga is one of the largest exporters of green coffee. The flavor profile of our product is very exclusive due to its geographical spread. This enables us to cater to the international markets.This increases the reliability feature of our company.

Coffee of Congo

Post more than 30 years of conflict, coffee farmers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are beginning to prosper. The destruction of the agricultural sector in Eastern DRC, where many rural farmers primarily depend on coffee production as their source of income, was a long-lasting consquence of this violence. A revitalized DRC coffee industry has enormous development potential.

Eastern DRC has been referred to as “a paradise for coffee” because it stretches from the high hills of Province Orientale, through the rain forests of Virunga National Park, and down to the smoky volcanic soil on the beaches of Lake Kivu.

We think that the Congolese coffee industry has the potential to help the DRC have a prosperous and promising future with more investment in human resources, infrastructure,financing, and markets.