Tsokas SARL – Cocoa Beans and Green Coffee Suppliers

COCOA for an extraordinary chocolate.

One important crop that keeps the DRC among the top exporters of organic goods worldwide is cocoa. After separating the fat, or cocoa butter, from the cocoa beans, cocoa powder is created. Chocolate, made from cocoa, is not only a culinary delicacy but also has many health benefits.

Cocoa Of Congo

Cocoa was brought to the nation in the 19th century when the DRC was a personal colony of King Leopold II of Belgium. After the DRC was made a colony of Belgium in the 1920s and 1930s, roughly 20,000 hectares along the Congo River plantings marked the beginning of the structured cocoa plantation. Production was then primarily focused on the western DRC. When the DRC cocoa beans are entirely developed, harvesting begins. They are green, crimson, or purple when they are fully grown. Three to four times every week are dedicated to harvesting. Pods are used for harvesting them. To reveal the beans, the pods are cut open using a machete.

Special Tsonga Kasereka Cocoa

The cocoa production in Tsonga Kasereka is unlike any other. We procure our cocoa from small-scale farmers and process it using modern techniques. The company is built on a rural perspective, making it more driven to provide the best-harvested cocoa. The demand for our cocoa has been increasing over the last few decades. The legacy of our company, our reputation and the high-quality of our cocoa are the reasons for our continuous growth.