Tsokas SARL – Cocoa Beans and Green Coffee Suppliers

TSONGO KASEREKA makes you experience the authenticity of coffee and cocoa.

TSOKAS sarl has been bringing you coffee and cocoa for more than 40 years and spanning three generations. We offer excellent green coffee and cocoa beans from Africa’s most biodiverse country.

We offer both Arabica and Robusta.

Our group has earned the Rainforest Alliance Utz Certification under international
standards, and we now work in conjunction with more than 3,000 smallholder coffee
producers. This has improved the producers’ standard of living while upholding
sustainability’s three pillars: environmental protection, social responsibility, and
economic viability.

Our coffee and cocoa comes from smallholder farmers who complete the initial
processing at the farm gate. It is then transported to our dry mill, processed there,
stored in our warehouses, and exported from the eastern DRC to the global market
via Uganda and the port of Mombasa, Kenya.

We have contributed to the Kigali Medical Dispensary and the TSOKAS Pavilion at
Katwa Hospital, among other charitable endeavors, as part of our commitment to
give back to the community. Increasing the involvement of women in the supply chain
and funding the supply of tools for female farmers were two goals in the coordination
of the delivery of books and materials to Butembo Catholic University (UCG.

Today, Tsonga is pleased with the type of bond we have maintained with our small
farmers, buying partners and the environment. We take immense pride in
supporting the women working for us and in turn creating income for rural
households of the country. We are mindful of climate change and take every action
possible to work in harmony with our environment.

Our Vision

To be the leading exporter of coffee and cocoa in the DRC while creating fair value for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Coffee and cocoa bring people together. Tsokas Kasereka understands that these products are more than just coffee and cocoa; it is a passion for us and many of our clients, and it plays a significant role in their daily life. For this reason, we assiduously search every crop and find the finest green coffee beans for you. Our mission is to only deal in premium green coffee beans and cocoa pods that meet our high criteria for quality and flavor. We want to honor the work of our small farmers and create a sustainable livelihood for them.

Why Choose Us ?

A reputable supplier of cocoa and green coffee: We have been in operations for over 40 years, which makes us a highly reliable partner for our buyers.

Since we procure our cocoa from farms located on the equator, the products’ quality and flavor are highly unique and very much appreciated by the end-users.

Our company supports small scale farmers in maintaining he quality of the produce. We process the raw materials obtained from the farms to offer a high-value end product.

Our processes are environmentally friendly and guarantee sustainable production.