Tsokas SARL – Cocoa Beans and Green Coffee Suppliers

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We have been Congo’s leading coffee
and cocoa merchants since 1978.

About Us

TSOKAS sarl is a family-run business headquartered in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo town of Butembo in the Nord-Kivu region. The company has maintained a singular objective for 40 years – facilitating direct trade between the Congolese producers of cocoa and coffee and the global market.

We have learned to value the beauty and wealth that coffee and cocoa gives to humanity. The wide variety in species, types, production, processing techniques, preparation styles, and consumption habits make coffee and cocoa complex products.

We bring to you the best of coffee and cocoa that The DR Congo has to offer.

Our Cocoa

The majority of the cocoa we deal in comes from farms managed by independent smallholder producers. We work with smallplanters and provide them with dedicated support. Join us as we help the people of the DR Congo achieve prosperity and peace, while offering/availing the essential ingredient for delicious chocolate the world craves for.

Our Coffee

We people that work for TSOKAS are the core of our company, which was founded to supply the coffee industry with the best seasonal coffees. We go to the depths of our country in search of the best coffee beans!

Our coffee beans are sure to delight you.

What Makes Us Special?

TSOKAS is a brand with a legacy. Our experience and hard work of many years is what makes us stand out. Our business has been passed from one generation to the next, with the new generation bringing in modern approaches while being rooted in our traditional values. Our emphasis is creating fair employment opportunities for local communities while preserving the biodiversity of our rich tropical ecology.