Congo Coffee

Blessed with an abundant hydrography, a huge rainforest, a tropical climate, a fertile soil and varied landscape, the Democratic Republic of Congo has favorable conditions for the cultivation of both ARABICA and ROBUSTA.

Coffea Canephora first identified growing wild in Belgian Congo (1898)
Coffee Type :
> Blue Mountain | Local Bronze | Rumangabo | Kabare | Maragogype | Bourbon | Jackson | Catura | Typica |Amarela |Mibirizi
>ROBUSTA : L-36 | L48 | L93 | L147 | L215 |L251
>PETIT KWILU : La93 | La158 | S9 | S19 |S23
Producing Regions :
Nord & Sud Kivu, Oriental, Equateur, Bandundu, Bas-Congo
Processing Method :
Dry and Wet
Harvest Period :
October – September
Marketing System :
Direct Sale
Port of Shipment :
Matadi, Boma (DRC), Mombasa (Kenya), Dars-es-Salaam (Tanzania)
Countries of Export:
Italy, Switerland, Belgium, France, Germany, France, USA
Cupping Charactetistics
> ARABICA : Full Bodied Fruity & Mild Acidity
> ROBUSTA : Chocolaty, Nutty, Full of Spuma